The Full Monty-Cute Trail Race- Brief History 1999

The event was born out of an idea that was put forward at one of the running clubs ‘pub runs’ at The Rose and Crown at Dinnington (known as ‘The Docks) in the summer of 99.

Yeovil Town Running club had organised a popular cross country run from Stanchester School for the previous half dozen or so years at the beginning of December. This event called ‘The Mud Run’ was of about 6 miles and took in parts of Ham Hill and as far as I can remember took in the steep hill up to St Michaels’ Tower. Fred and Sue from our club had got wind that Yeovil were not organising the event anymore and suggested to those present at the pub that we could take over the running of an event at the same venue. We left the pub with the notion of the event being of between 6 and 7 miles. I thought it was going to be called The Slippery Six or Seven.

After a couple of weeks where we approached the Yeovil club who were happy for us to take on the event, a sub committee was formed of 4 members. The name of ‘The Full Monty-Cute came from the ‘Foxes’ I think as the Film of the similar name was out about the same time.

One of the sub committee was Heather who happened to be the Head Gardener at the nearby National Trust Property of Montacute House. With this contact we had permission to use the House as our base for the event with all its facilities. This has turned into a good relationship with the property where they benefit with added visitors and donations from the event.

Fred and Sue Fox set to work in sorting out a route while others sorted out publicity and entry forms. The 6 or 7 miles turned into over 8 miles. Some of the route will be familiar to those who have run the event recently. Ladies Walk, The High Wood, Bagnell Farm, Pease Hill to Greenham Cross were in. The route then went North of Ham Hill Monument before the current Hedgecock Hill Wood and St Michaels Hill.

The first event was a success with 132 entries (123 finishers).


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