The Full Monty-Cute Trail Race-

Brief History

2000 to 2007


With more time to organise this event attracted and increased field and Fred modified the route. The route in the High Wood was changed to take the higher path as the lower path was blocked. From Greenham Cross the routed crossed over to the Nelson Pub at Norton Sub Hamdon. The section North was along a flooded lane then cross to the Bungalow on Ham Hill.



Again a few route tweaks were carried out, this increased the hills to the current ‘8’ and the distance to somewhere between 9 and 10 miles. The Council had opened up access to Horses Wood, so we took the opportunity to take in this lesser known area of Ham Hill which passes the Lake that was part of the wider Montacute Estate of yesteryear. Tinkers Bubble and Butchers Hill were added to create the almost figure of eight route.

146 finishers.



A minor change to the route at Butcher hill added a little extra length with views down to the runners behind you.

233 finishers



The route was measured with a Garmin Summit GPS unit for the first time so we increased the section in the park at the beginning to make it up to 10 miles and help break up the field before the first road crossing and the path up Ladies walk.

Entries were so popular we had so many entries turn up on the day that we ran out of running numbers.



Because of the demand of 2003 we decided not to accept entries on the day and the event was full by mid November.



Entries were even more in demand and entries were closed by the end of October.



Over the years the weather seems to have always kind to us. This continued in 2006, the trouble was that that the South West was hit by high winds the night before causing several road closures in the area including the road from Yeovil to Montacute and several minor route. The intrepid race direct set out at 7:30 to check the vunerable sections of the race route to find the route block. Armed with bow saw in hand this was cleared only to receive phone calls from others about other blockages. After checking in at the house, man with saw made safe some other areas and got to the start with 10 minutes to go. The runners set of with a few more hurdles to tackle but the conditions were fine.



The weather on race day was windy (very at times) with short sharp downpours. This was before the race start but once under way the only real challenge apart from the course was the wind especially on the exposed areas. It certainly blew away the cobwebs. Entries were closed by the end of September. We actually had our first entries at the end of January. In fact these two runners were so keen the entered again in June !



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